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Salient Features of Assam Joint (People's Participation ) Forestry Management Rules, 1998:


  • Outside RF and only peripheral degraded areas of RF.
  • 3 ha. per beneficiary family for natural regeneration and 1ha. for integrated planting (artificial regeneration) area, revised and reviewed depending on the performance of the committee.
  • Regeneration and maintenance of degraded forests and allied developmental works to be done by the Government.
  • If 50% of total adults in a village accept the proposal of Forest Protection and Regeneration Committee in the preliminary meeting the DFO shall constitute the FPRC.
  • Membership provision for both husband and wife and 1 male and 1 female together shall constitute 1 unit of beneficiary.
  • NGOs and voluntary organisations to be associated.
Executive Committee:
  1. Gaonbura - member,
  2. Less than 9 other members.
  3. Concerned Beat Officer or other not below Forester - member secreatary
  4. President Meeting to be held once in 3 months of the Executive Committee and once in 6 months for FPRC
N.B. The Draft of Assam Joint Forest Management Rules (Amendment) 2003, is likely to be approved by the Government of Assam soon.


Department of Environment & Forests(Government of Assam)
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