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Welcome to Assam, the gateway of North East India. It is the land of enchanting aesthetic beauty with lush green hills, pastures, tea gardens, river plains and wilderness all round. Situated between 20° N and 28° N latitude and 90° E and 96° E longitude, the state is surrounded by Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya. It has also common international boundary of 500 km with Bhutan and 200 km with Bangladesh. It has an area of over 78,438 sq km.

Running and cascading through the entire length and breadth of the state are mighty rivers; the Brahmaputra in the north and the Barak in the south along with their tributaries which nourish a wide range of precious flora and fauna in the hills and plains of this charming land. The North East India is the treasure house of rare and endangered flora and fauna. It is also the proud possessor of luxuriant Rain Forests. It is a Biodiversity heaven of India. The roars of tigers, barking of deer, bellow of stag, trumpets of playful elephants used to be the music of the nature which gradually is giving way to the cacophony of the rising biotic pressure.

Department of Environment and Forest, has endeavored to manage this complex scenario remarkably. In Wildlife we have achieved a tremendous success. The one horned Rhino which was almost extinct in India, with only a dozen left at the turn of last century, now stands restored to scientifically sustainable level. Assam can boast of possessing a host of endangered and rare mammals, avian and amphibian species. These include pigmy hog, hispid hare, white winged wood duck, and great Indian hornbills among many others.

Minutes of the Eighth Meeting of the State Board For Wildlife held in the conference hall of the Chief Minister's Office, Dispur on 19.09.2015
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Affixing an Automatic Operation and Control System Consisting of Animal Sensors and Other Requisite Equipment and Software on the NH37 at one of the Specified Sections, About 300-500 m in Length and 12-15m in width 2 Lane Highway for Tracking and Signaling for Stoppage of Vehicular Traffic on Either Side of the Road When Animals are about to cross it across the Corridor.
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... for Declaring Eco-sensitive Zone around Orang, Nameri and Sonai-Rupai wildlife sanctuaries

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